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I am glad you are here. Myself Geetha Priyanka, a  part-time food blogger and full-time mother to a most adorable, naughty and cute little girl. I am a vegetarian by choice and a food enthusiast who enjoys cooking for my family. This blog brings you lots of delicious, easy, wholesome and healthy recipes that have fascinated me with their taste, flavour and aroma. All recipes are tried and tested in my kitchen, each recipe has easy to follow instructions with process shots (detailed step-wise pictures) and video. You will find kids friendly recipes made by my little chef Samyu (5-year-old daughter) to show you how cooking is interesting with a hope that people of all skill levels get inspired to have fun in the kitchen!!! I have shared many traditional Indian recipes that includes few gluten-free and vegan recipes. Many recipes can be customised to suit individuals requirement.

I always believe “Cooking is the art of adjustment” – Jacques Pepin

I wholeheartedly believe the above statement. One thing I have learnt from my cooking experience is to understand how to balance flavours. For any cook, beginner or experienced, it is necessary to adjust the ingredients used that certainly bring out the right flavour to suit your taste buds and not blindly follow the recipe. So play around and keep experimenting with ingredients, a dash of that and a pinch of this, until you are happy with the taste, aroma and flavours. The real satisfaction is in creating something that you and your loved ones enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by here at Flavours Treat. I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I enjoy sharing with you all and give it a try. I would love to know your creativity when you try a recipe. Kindly leave your valuable feedback under the comments section of that particular post. If you have any questions about a recipe feel free to contact me through the form below. Alternatively you can also stay in touch via InstagramFacebook, Pinterest, or by subscribing to my Youtube channel. Join email list to receive new recipes straight to your inbox monthly once. I can’t wait to hear from you!!!

Happy Cooking 🙂


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